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Attiya is a certified personal trainer from the United Kingdom 

Attiya is not your stereotypical personal trainer. She is a powerful, passionate and proud hijabi  personal trainer from the UK .
Any women struggling with body image issues in fitness could take some inspiration from this lady and the growing number of others like her.

Exercising and eating healthy for Muslim women is not about how they look, it’s a form of worship, as a sign of respect for their bodies.

They are taught that their body has rights; the right to be fed, clothed and taken care of physically and mentally.

In her culture, Miss Attiya said they are encouraged to stay active and look after their bodies, with walking, swimming, horse riding and archery the preferred form of exercise.

With a passion for sport and fitness

“In Islam, taking care of our bodies is very important. We pray five times a day which imitates yoga and meditation – this is our time out,” she said.

“From a young age we are taught that our bodies have rights and we must take care of them in the best possible manner.”


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